How many Mole/Minute are in a Mole/Second?

The answer is one Mole/Second is equal to 60 Mole/Minute. Feel free to use our online unit conversion calculator to convert the unit from Mole/Second to Mole/Minute. Just simply enter value 1 in Agate Line and see the result in Mole/Minute.

How to Convert Mole/Second to Mole/Minute (mol/s to mol/min)

By using our Mole/Second to Mole/Minute conversion tool, you know that one Mole/Second is equivalent to 60 Mole/Minute. Hence, to convert Mole/Second to Mole/Minute, we just need to multiply the number by 60. We are going to use very simple Mole/Second to Mole/Minute conversion formula for that. Pleas see the calculation example given below.

Convert 1 Mole/Second to Mole/Minute1 Mole/Second = 1 × 60 = 60 Mole/Minute

What is Mole/Second Unit of Measure?

Mole per second is a unit of measurement for molar flow. It describes flow rate of one mole of fluid which passes through a given surface each second.

What is the symbol of Mole/Second?

The symbol of Mole/Second is mol/s. This means you can also write one Mole/Second as 1 mol/s.

What is Mole/Minute Unit of Measure?

Mole per minute is a unit of measurement for molar flow. It describes flow rate of one mole of fluid which passes through a given surface each minute.

What is the symbol of Mole/Minute?

The symbol of Mole/Minute is mol/min. This means you can also write one Mole/Minute as 1 mol/min.

Mole/Second to Mole/Minute Conversion Table

Mole/Second [mol/s]Mole/Minute [mol/min]
Mole/Second to Other Units Conversion Chart

Mole/Second [mol/s]Output
1 Mole/Second in Mole/Minute is Equal to60
1 Mole/Second in Mole/Hour is Equal to3600
1 Mole/Second in Mole/Day is Equal to86400
1 Mole/Second in Millimole/Second is Equal to1000
1 Mole/Second in Millimole/Minute is Equal to60000
1 Mole/Second in Millimole/Hour is Equal to3600000
1 Mole/Second in Millimole/Day is Equal to86400000
1 Mole/Second in Nanomole/Second is Equal to1000000000
1 Mole/Second in Nanomole/Minute is Equal to60000000000
1 Mole/Second in Nanomole/Hour is Equal to3600000000000
1 Mole/Second in Nanomole/Day is Equal to86400000000000
1 Mole/Second in Kilomole/Second is Equal to0.001
1 Mole/Second in Kilomole/Minute is Equal to0.06
1 Mole/Second in Kilomole/Hour is Equal to3.6
1 Mole/Second in Kilomole/Day is Equal to86.4
1 Mole/Second in Micromole/Second is Equal to1000000
1 Mole/Second in Micromole/Minute is Equal to60000000
1 Mole/Second in Examole/Second is Equal to1e-18
1 Mole/Second in Petamole/Second is Equal to1e-15
1 Mole/Second in Teramole/Second is Equal to1e-12
1 Mole/Second in Gigamole/Second is Equal to1e-9
1 Mole/Second in Megamole/Second is Equal to0.000001
1 Mole/Second in Hectomole/Second is Equal to0.01
1 Mole/Second in Dekamole/Second is Equal to0.1
1 Mole/Second in Decimole/Second is Equal to10
1 Mole/Second in Centimole/Second is Equal to100
1 Mole/Second in Picomole/Second is Equal to1000000000000
1 Mole/Second in Femtomole/Second is Equal to1000000000000000
1 Mole/Second in Attomole/Second is Equal to1000000000000000000