How many Kilogram/Centimeter are in a Kilogram/Meter?

The answer is one Kilogram/Meter is equal to 0.01 Kilogram/Centimeter. Feel free to use our online unit conversion calculator to convert the unit from Kilogram/Meter to Kilogram/Centimeter. Just simply enter value 1 in Agate Line and see the result in Kilogram/Centimeter.

How to Convert Kilogram/Meter to Kilogram/Centimeter (kg/m to kg/cm)

By using our Kilogram/Meter to Kilogram/Centimeter conversion tool, you know that one Kilogram/Meter is equivalent to 0.01 Kilogram/Centimeter. Hence, to convert Kilogram/Meter to Kilogram/Centimeter, we just need to multiply the number by 0.01. We are going to use very simple Kilogram/Meter to Kilogram/Centimeter conversion formula for that. Pleas see the calculation example given below.

Convert 1 Kilogram/Meter to Kilogram/Centimeter1 Kilogram/Meter = 1 × 0.01 = 0.01 Kilogram/Centimeter

What is Kilogram/Meter Unit of Measure?

Kilogram per meter is a unit of measurement for linear mass density. By definition, it is equal to mass of object in kilogram per length of one meter.

What is the symbol of Kilogram/Meter?

The symbol of Kilogram/Meter is kg/m. This means you can also write one Kilogram/Meter as 1 kg/m.

What is Kilogram/Centimeter Unit of Measure?

Kilogram per centimeter is a unit of measurement for linear mass density. By definition, it is equal to mass of object in kilogram per length of one centimeter.

What is the symbol of Kilogram/Centimeter?

The symbol of Kilogram/Centimeter is kg/cm. This means you can also write one Kilogram/Centimeter as 1 kg/cm.

Kilogram/Meter to Kilogram/Centimeter Conversion Table

Kilogram/Meter [kg/m]Kilogram/Centimeter [kg/cm]
Kilogram/Meter to Other Units Conversion Chart

Kilogram/Meter [kg/m]Output
1 Kilogram/Meter in Kilogram/Centimeter is Equal to0.01
1 Kilogram/Meter in Kilogram/Millimeter is Equal to0.001
1 Kilogram/Meter in Kilogram/Foot is Equal to0.3048
1 Kilogram/Meter in Kilogram/Inch is Equal to0.0254
1 Kilogram/Meter in Kilogram/Yard is Equal to0.9144
1 Kilogram/Meter in Gram/Meter is Equal to1000
1 Kilogram/Meter in Gram/Centimeter is Equal to10
1 Kilogram/Meter in Gram/Millimeter is Equal to1
1 Kilogram/Meter in Gram/Foot is Equal to304.8
1 Kilogram/Meter in Gram/Inch is Equal to25.4
1 Kilogram/Meter in Gram/Yard is Equal to914.4
1 Kilogram/Meter in Ounce/Meter is Equal to35.27
1 Kilogram/Meter in Ounce/Centimeter is Equal to0.3527396194958
1 Kilogram/Meter in Ounce/Millimeter is Equal to0.03527396194958
1 Kilogram/Meter in Ounce/Foot is Equal to10.75
1 Kilogram/Meter in Ounce/Inch is Equal to0.89595863351934
1 Kilogram/Meter in Ounce/Yard is Equal to32.25
1 Kilogram/Meter in Pound/Meter is Equal to2.2
1 Kilogram/Meter in Pound/Centimeter is Equal to0.022046226218488
1 Kilogram/Meter in Pound/Millimeter is Equal to0.0022046226218488
1 Kilogram/Meter in Pound/Foot is Equal to0.67196897513951
1 Kilogram/Meter in Pound/Inch is Equal to0.055997414594959
1 Kilogram/Meter in Pound/Yard is Equal to2.02